An E-Commerce Store That Focuses on Cost, Convenience and Savings!

Each day, prices of products keep increasing around the world. Thus, the cost of living keeps skyrocketing. Hence, there is need to find a perfect balance between spending habits and savings! 

But how do you achieve this?

Well, moderate pricing with the best quality will help.

With the above in mind, Happee Shoppee was born!


Happee Shoppee was born with the aim of solving three key issues — Cost, Convenience and Savings. 

We are an e-commerce store that strives to provide its clients with a practical and secure shopping experience while helping them to save without compromising on the desired product of choice or quality. From the best Wearable Fitness Tracker, Bluetooth Headphones, Pet Essential, Smart Kitchen items or Kids Product and more, we offer a one-stop shop solution to all your shopping needs.

We only source products directly from the manufacturers who have established a quality framework for manufacturing, bringing many years of experience serving customers with a robust verifiable track record within the industry.

We are a team of experienced shoppers, who have similar views and strives to ensure our clients get the best products. We check every product we stock, providing zero breakages or damages in delivery. This approach has helped us maintain optimal satisfaction among customers while ensuring the best delivery.

At Happee Shoppee, our store is built around a strong culture that fosters honesty, convenience, professionalism and customer satisfaction in every phase of our business, from product sourcing to delivery.


Professional Sourcing

Our team is made up of professional shoppers who know exactly what to look out for in a product. This team has enabled us to thoroughly check every product we stock to ensure there are no breakages, damages or defects in product quality.

True Value for Money

We are a company set up with the primary aim of providing a solution to cost, convenience and savings. Therefore, every product we stock is of the highest quality and the best value. This way, we can help you save without compromising on a product of choice.

Free Delivery

Happee Shoppee was incorporated with affordable shopping at the very core. By shopping with us, you will enjoy cheaper purchases plus free delivery to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world.

Reliable Service Team

We strive to ensure maximum satisfaction. To achieve this, we have a competent service team in place to listen to all your inquiries, complaints or suggestions. So, feel free to get in touch with us whenever you want.


Happee Shoppee was born with the aim of solving three primary issues faced by shoppers; that is Cost, Convenience and Saving. Hence, we are driven by the mission to become the go-to e-store for premium quality yet affordable products.

To achieve this goal, we continually strive for ways to bring our shoppers the most affordable products without compromising on quality. Hence, we only work with proven suppliers who share our vision and principle.

With these in mind, we promise the most sensible shopping. Thank you for visiting our store. Hope you have a fulfilling shopping experience.

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