A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Perfect Sofa Covers

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Perfect Sofa Covers

When we talk about the living room, then the sofa is the biggest furniture investment there. Sofa-sectionals are important for the entertainment and gathering of both family and friends. Since you are investing so much in your sofa, you’ll definitely want to ensure that your sofa remains in top-notch condition and lasts long. But the presence of kids and pets at home can make this somewhat difficult.

But well-designed and functional sofa covers can help keep them in a proper condition. So after your investment in the sectional, you can certainly ensure that it lasts long and always stay new without scratches and spills; a nice slipcover is an ultimate solution. Sofa covers come in different fabrics called upholstery materials and in a plethora of styles. You can choose them in different designs and colors as per the room’s color scheme and interior settings. Take a look at how you can select the best sofa covers for your home, using these simple and effective tips.

Reasons for buying sofa covers

Sofa covers are usually purchased for two prime reasons. First, if one wants to protect their costly sofa-sectionals from the damage caused by little kids and pets at home. Pets hair can stick to sofa fabrics, they might even damage them with claws, while both pets and kids can damage the sofa with their dirty and unclean bodies after playing outdoors. Secondly, people might consider buying couch covers to add some new life to the old furniture pieces to look new and offer a refreshing look.

Once you know the reason for buying a sofa cover, you can narrow down your selection to selecting the right material and price.


Sofa covers come in a wide variety of materials. They can be made using simple fabrics like cotton, wool, polyester, spandex, and linen, or a fine blend of some of them. Just in case you know that your living room is the place with getting heavy traffic, then you must look for durable options. In such cases, it’s a good idea to opt for sofa covers that are made using heavy cotton. Leather is a viable option that is one of the most long-lasting upholstery materials that can easily withstand scratches, wear and tear.

If your space is more prone to stains and spills, then a dark-colored slipcover or one with some patterns and prints can help hide all the stains. Likewise, if you want to flaunt a sophisticated look that looks like your sectional’s second skin, it’s good to opt for a thin slipcover made from a stretchy cotton-spandex blend. Such sofa covers look stylish, and even the texture looks luxe. For some more luxurious feels, you can even opt for silk, velvet, suede, etc. You can even opt for soft and stretchable covers that offer a snug fit.


Slipcovers fit best on round-arm furniture with rectangular seat cushions, although you can now find slipcovers for hard-to-fit furniture, such as T-cushion sofas and wingback chairs.

Also, slipcovers come in different sizes. Choose as per the size of your sofa-sectional. You can opt for a single-piece slipcover or one with several pieces as per your preferences.
One-piece slipcovers are comparatively easy maintenance and can be machine washed in one go for cleaning. However, individual pieces may offer a more seamless look.


Before sofa covers and slipcovers purchase, remember to measure your chair, loveseat, or sofa to ensure you get the right size. For finding the correct measurement of your furniture, measure from one arm’s outside edge to the edge of the other arm.

Final Words

You can choose chair covers and sofa covers in solid colors or some popular prints like geometric and floral designs. Always remember to invest in quality products that aren’t just functional but equally comfortable too.